Multiple accounts in browser extensions

Good day,
Is it possible to add multiple user accounts in the browser extension of Bitwarden?
The client can already do this.

This is in the works right now - was expected for release this fall, so I assume it must be very close.

Hi There, this would be really useful as our company switched from a competitor and many users now have both enterprise and person BW accounts now. Is there an ETA for release of this feature for the Browser Extension? “In the works” = ?

Hey @jrowe88 this one is coming but I don’t have a specific ETA right now, in the meantime you can use profiles in chrome to be logged into both extensions, or have 2 browsers installed and be logged into a profile on each one.

Hi there,

waiting for multiple account feature in browser plugin, too, especially Firefox plugin. Please stop security patching and set all developers to this task :crazy_face: :star_struck: :upside_down_face:

BTW: Bitwarden rocks!!! Very nice tool!!! Thanks for this!!! :sunglasses: