How to downgrade from families to single free account?

Is there a way to change from a free families account to a free single account and how can I do this maintaining my entries?
The reason is, that I would like to have a single premium account, but my wife does’nt.
Thanks, Klaus

Hello Klaus - welcome!

It is probably best if you send this question directly to the Bitwarden CS Team by contacting them here:

Many thanks for your quick reply. I just realized that I got the names of the different plans mixed up. I want to switch from Free 2-Person org to a Basic Free Account and later switch the latter one to premium (which should give no problems). Your link probably refers to premium accounts. So far I’ve only entered my data, but I’ve activated organisation. I would like to undo that (which is the really question).

Hi Klaus - all users, free or premium, are able to create a free 2-person organization. It should not affect whether you want to move from a free account to a premium one.

If you want to delete your organization for another reason, that’s pretty easy to do. First, perform an UNENCRYPTED backup of your organizational vault (this must be done separately from a backup of your personal vault) if you want to preserve the data, then follow the instructions here:


Hi David
I am aware that I can delete the account at any time. My question relates to the ability to convert an Organization account to a Basic Personal Free account. In the same way that a Personal Free account can be converted into a 2 Person Organization account. Of course I can export the data, create a new personal free account and import the data again.
Apparently that option doesn’t exist. That might be worth a feature request. To be on the safe side, I wanted to ask here whether the feature actually doesn’t exist.
Maybe you can confirm that the feature doesn’t actually exist.
Thank you for your help.

An organization is really just a separate vault of credentials that belongs to a user”s account (free, premium, enterprise, etc.), so no - it can’t just be “converted” into a personal vault. But you can import/move the contents to a personal vault, if that is what you are getting at.

And no, you can’t “convert” a free individual account into a two person organization, per se. An organization is just a feature that you can add to any individual’s account to allow password sharing with another user. More specifically, an organization is just an entity (a separate vault of information) owned by one user that can be made accessible to other users.

It might be helpful to read the Bitwarden help documentation on the subject:


Thanks, I got it. Beg your pardon to have wasted your time. RTFM should have been the right answer for me. :flushed:

Not at all - glad I could help!