Font Sizes to small on Web interface!

Hi, I know that BW is the best Open Sourced Secured Password APP on the planet, but the we who are “SEEING impaired,” can’t hardly see the font / Text on the web interface!
I use Opera / Chromium… but the FONT on the web site is still a 3.5 or 4 SIZED FONT, and even with my browser’s (plural,) FONT zoomed to 150, and 175 (normal for me, most other sites,) I can NOT see the font on the BW web site!
I’ve been building web sites for 21 years, and I have my readable FONT at least a 11.5 and not a 4. or 4.5!

I mentioned this almost 3 years ago, and now that I’m using BW full time, on my Ubuntu Laptop, (THANKS!) and Honor 5x Android, I like to do major changes in the web site because it is SUPPOSED to be “see-able,” other than a High Zoomed browse extension, and or a 5 inch screen on an Android phone also with my TEXT bumped to “EXTRA LARGE!”

Sorry for the diatribe, but I mentioned this about 3 years ago. . .about…

  1. allowing the USER to choose the font SIZE with a sizer… like… “a” or “A” to adjust font accordingly.
  2. just use a HTML. or CSS or PHP… ETC… code in the header to allow the FONT size to be changed by the USER! (and if they don’t know how to do that, they can LEARN on youtube.)

Well thanks for the Best Password app on this earth and hope to “SEE” a change soon! Lol!

It looks normal on every computer I’ve accessed it on. Have you tried accessing it via a different browser or on a different machine? Just to rule out anything specific to your setup.

Just to add, according to the CSS, the font size is set to 1rem. This is relative to the root html element, which is set at size 14px. This means, on my screen, the clickable vault entry names in the list appear at a size of 14px.

Is there anything unusual with your screen resolution?

Hello dan…thank you for very fast reply…
I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.06 and using Opera (for the free vpn,) and using Chromium part time if Opera whats to take a break and freeze. LOL!

I haven’t installed the BW desktop, as I’m used to the extension and the web interface.

Thank you for your reply!

If the font in the web vault looks tiny in both Opera and Chrome, then I’d guess there could be something up with your system settings. Do you have particularly high DPI settings and a large monitor?

Yes I have DPI at 120 % or 20 over normal! And I had, past tense, Win7 at 150% DPI

There’s usually a setting for text scaling to make fonts appear bigger when you have a high DPI setting. In Ubuntu, you can use Gnome-Tweaks to increase the text scaling factor.

Do you have this issue with small text on other websites?

I’ve used Gnome-Tweaks to increase the text scaling factor, set up 30% over normal on that also!

And I use ZOOM extenson with it pumped up to !50% also.
And no problem at those settings on maybe 80% other sites.
I also have a 12.5 inch screen on my laptop and a 5 inch screen on my Android, but Opera has finger zoom and I do OK on my phone!
I’d choose the web interface, if I had a choice to see the font.
I have a screen shot of BW on login page, if you’d like?
I didn’t locate a button to attach?

Oh yea… Libra Office say this is a 21 Font, that I have for this forum, not the 4.5 on the web interface!

On my screen, the forum displays text at 15px. If 20% of websites aren’t displaying OK, it definitely sounds like the settings you’re using may be the problem.

You can add a screenshot by either copying and pasting, or by clicking the small image icon and uploading a file:


Thank you!

Do you have a screenshot of how it looks normally for you, i.e. not zoomed?

It will definitely be down to your DPI and text scaling settings. I would try tweaking these and seeing what effect it has on your desktop, apps, websites, etc. There will be an optimum setting for your resolution and screen size.

That is ZOOMED to 150 zoom to get that size for me on Opera! Tiny URL is more then enough to see easy as does this forum.
I have to go now … or be late for date!

Thank you very much for your concern and tips!

Haha, enjoy your date :grinning: And tomorrow, have a look at this - hopefully it’ll help you figure out the best settings for your system:


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IS there a “security issue” if client / uses get to choose font size for web interface… I never heard of any so far in 21 years of web building and hosting my own sites on the web, not on board server!

Again thank you for your time!

No, no security issue. But I think the web vault will look fine if you address the DPI and scaling settings for your system.

Coded properly, the best way to allow users with accessibility needs to adjust text sizes is to have the fonts use relative sizing, which the web vault does, then use the browser settings to zoom in and out.