BIG Font size in BitwardenAndroid

In android version of Bitwarden there are to big fonts. Is there a way to change that? it is really disturbing. Thanks.

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Did you try changing the font size in the system settings?

Hi and thank you. Well I did not since it will change size of all apps etc. There has to be a bug.


Mee too. Big font size in Android app in Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. My font size in system settings is just 1 notch above center. Be nice to have settings within the app itself so it would not affect other apps. Thanks.

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Agreed, this feels like a Bitwarden bug. Assuming the Android font size is set to Default, the fonts in Bitwarden look as expected. However, if the system fonts are set to anything larger than default, the fonts in Bitwarden are much larger than the system UI or other apps on the same device.

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Thank you very much. It solved the problem. I had font size to biggest, now I have to only large and it is much better in Bitwarden. Thanks :blush:

Sure, glad it helped. But, the point is, I have my system font size set to larger than “default” for a reason - it just works better for my aging eyes. I don’t want to have to reduce my system font size to get reasonably sized text in Bitwarden. Text is simply too big in Bitwarden when the system font size is increased to anything larger than “default”.

Yes that is the point, there is still bug in Bitwarden. For me it is the same, my eys are not young anymore.

Same here. Fonts are not in line with the chosen Android system font.

FYI - I just reported this as a bug on GitHub here:

Thank you very much.

Any updates? S21 Ultra user, just migrated from LastPass and have semi large fonts on my phone. I can barely understand the Bitwarden interface because it displays only a few letters of a word due to the humongous font.