Display too big on android Samsung S20 Fe

Hello. For some time, the display and the writings have become too large on my Samsung S20 FE. It only does this on Bitwarden and I can’t find where to fix this display issue. Thank you for your help.

Hello @Frederic_ORAIN - welcome to the community forums.

Have you tried changing the display options in your Accessibility settings? That’s the likely culprit here. Cheers!

Not found but thanks

Sorry, I meant the Android Accessibility settings. Not in Bitwarden.

I understood this well. But in accessibility settings to reset there is nothing for display. It doesn’t matter as long as Bitwarden works. On my S20 FE, it’s perfect. It’s on my wife’s, with a fresh install of Bitwarden, that the display is too big. Thanks for your help.

It might not be called Display Settings, depending on the Android version. But all Android versions have settings that control display, visibility, font sizes, etc. That’s the likely culprit.