Firefox extension blank when logging in with device

I am using the Firefox extension version 2023.3.0 on two Windows 11 computers. Everything works fine except when I try to login using a device. When I login with a device, the login is successful, but the extension window goes completely gray with no buttons, no password nothing at all. Since there are no buttons in the extension, the only way I can get back into Bitwarden, is to close the entire browser then login using my password. When logging in using password, everything works as expected. I have tried re-installing Firefox and re-installing the extension. As previously mentioned this is happening on two windows 11 computers. Has anyone seen this before? Any ideas on how I can get this to work?

Hey there, if you experience this consistently and a reinstall is not solving the issue, can you post a bug report on Github with steps to reproduce for the team to investigate? Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

According to

Bitwarden engineers can reproduce the error and are working on this issue.
Are there any news ?