EU Hosting?

I am Premium User and i host to US but now i have read i can host to EU but how? Need a new EU Account or can switch my US Account to EU Account?


So I created a new account with EU and imported my data from US, which went without problems. Since my US account expires next month, I have now canceled the subscription and made a new subscription with EU.

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I am also a premium user who want to switch the host to EU? how can i do it without canceling my account and make another one?


Referring to @Muhandes. AFAIK, you can’t, you have to create a new account and move your data by exporing and importing manually. the US and EU servers are completely independent. I am talking with experience with 1Password and there it was the same (as their desktop app supported multiple accounts, it was actually easier, like moving data on desktop but still I needed two accounts).

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@Scoty46 @Muhandes

Here are some docs from Bitwarden:

Note that BW says this:

For Premium individuals and Families organizations, if time is remaining on your subscription, we recommend migrating at the end of your subscription period and launching a new account and subscription on the cloud of your choice.

So, if you are paying for subscription, you may want to wait until the end of subscription, because the message above may imply that BW won’t transfer your subscription to your virtually new account in the other cloud.

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I want to set my BW also tp EU but can’t find the option to change it

@Lyo, I moved your question to this thread, because it was more relevant than where you had posted.

As you can see by the responses already given in this thread, the only way to migrate to an EU server is to open a new Bitwarden account in the EU region, then migrate your vault contents by exporting from the US account and importing into the EU account, after which you can delete your US account.

Thanks for the move.

So I guess it gets messy when I also share a volt with my wife.

The concern Is the EU law is different from US. EU tries to stop snooping around as legal, the US has made it legal to snoop around private stuff.

Bitwarden is compliant with GDPR even if your data is hosted on US servers, as explained in their security FAQs. Moreover, because Bitwarden is built on Zero Knowledge architecture, your vault data cannot decrypted even if Bitwarden were to open all doors and give free reign to the CIA, FBI, and NSA to “snoop”.

OK, that’s great and good to know. Thanks for this information!

Me too.
I am german and dont know why my account is on us server :frowning:

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The EU servers did not exist until last month, so if you created your Bitwarden account before then, it is hosted on the original (US) servers.