“Don’t suggest this item”

Feature name

  • “don’t suggest this item”

Feature function

  • I have several sites with multiple logins saved - for example, I have my Apple account, but also the credentials for my kids’ ones. Often the suggestion from the iOS password tool isn’t the one I want.
  • another scenario is saving “backup” codes for sites in the vault - i dont want these suggested to auto fill logins
  • the feature would add a checkbox to suppress suggesting an item in the iOS auto fill pop up. This would save me several screen taps
  • you can still select this item in the full dialog box

Related topics + references

Would fix or partially fulfill these issues:

Hello @rob_al - welcome to the community forums.

In case you were not aware, this functionality is already available within the Bitwarden app/browser extensions. All you have to do is remove the URI entries from your login item and those credentials won’t be suggested. The credentials will still be available in your vault, of course, but you will have to search for them manually. If you want to be able to search the login item by URL/URI, like the other regular items, you can simply add the URL as a custom field.

I agree it would be more intuitive and easier if there existed an option to not suggest the item in the Bitwarden interface, so I offer this suggestion as something you can implement now until/if your suggested feature is adopted.

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There is another option: Leave the URI inside, but set its “match detection” to “Never”:


Source: Using URIs | Bitwarden Help & Support


Good call, Peter - I had forgotten you can do that!

That’s so easy, I wonder if we even really need this feature request @rob_al ??

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Closing this for now, but feel free to reach out if you want to discuss more.

I previously raised a request for a feature “Don’t suggest this item”. There was some discussion on it overnight my time between @Peter_H and @dh024 and by the time i got back to it the next day, @dwbit figured it was resolved and locked the topic before I could respond. I’ve been trying out the proposal for a few weeks now.

I wanted to highlight how the proposed solution doesn’t work in two ways:

Firstly, and this isnt really my main concern, but it’s very clunky - there are multiple button presses to get to the “never” matching option, rather than a simple toggle or setting. And of course, if you have to explain to someone what that feature is, then it’s too complex. Talk of things like “regex” probably put off most normal users - i certainly thought this was some complicated technical setting that i didn’t want to touch in case i broke something.

The main issue though is that it just doenst work as i’d expect a “Don’t suggest this item” option to work. Here’s a practical example.

When i open the American Express app, i’m given the choice to select one username to autofill with a single click. I have two American Express accounts. Until i set the “match detection” to “never” for one of them, the suggestion was always the wrong account - S****** - but now works perfectly to suggest only my account M***

However, when i click the key to view the other credentials i might use with this app or site, I’m no longer presented with both options, only with the account that still has the matching set to normal - the M*** account:

I have to explicitly search for the other one, by typing the site name at the top:

The expected behaviour from my feature request is that the tool still finds these results when a user presses the button to show all matching sites - just that the items marked “don’t suggest this item” are suppressed from the initial list of proposed logins.

Does this change your view of the usefulness of this feature?

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Hi @rob_al - I have re-opened your topic and merged your further explanation of your feature request into it in case anyone wants to discuss your idea or vote for it. Thanks for elaborating.

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Hey @rob_al, thanks for providing additional context and sorry for the mix-up. The Feature Request is open and available for voting :+1:


This definitely helps to further explain the UX improvements you are suggesting with this request and how this differs from what is currently available.

I think this would be a good option, especially for as you say the more non-technical people who may not want to mess with some deep-dive settings, or even just from a general user flow within the mobile experience.

Thanks for the additional detail here and giving a better understanding of how this would work. :slight_smile:

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No. That seems to operating perfectly, actually.

This is something I’ve been looking for. And it looks like iOS chooses the first EMAIL/USERNAME in alphabetical order, to suggest.

This is frustrating because I cannot change my email just to make it suggested. If the order was determined by the name I have given the credential in Bitwarden, I could rename the account to “0 [website]” for example, to make it suggested.

Please consider this as a quick alternative.