Allow multiple logins/passwords for the same website

Currently it is possible to use one username/password for multiple websites
(by adding multiple URLs to a single login)

I would find it helpful to have the option to have multiple logins for one website without creating three separate entries to my Vault. I have multiple accounts for some websites and so this would be helpful to organize everything

The add new account would look like this

The browser extension would look like this

I solved this “problem” by adding a new item for every log-in like for every family member. If the username is based on the user’s eMail-address it is easy to distinguish between the different logins. I however have to admit that it is much more difficult if for example the username is an account number like an IBAN or anything else you do not know by heart.

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I think intermingling multiple accounts in one entry creates all kinds of problems without other UI/UX changes.

Just use the “Clone item” button, should be quick and smooth.

To each their own but I wouldn’t use it this way. It centralizes too much into one entry and if something happens to it then it’s a serious problem. I’ve got dozens of Google accounts and I wouldn’t want them all to be in one entry.

Yes, one simple reason being that there’s a ton of other information that can be stored in an entry (e.g. custom fields) and how would you create a UI that still makes clear which of the 5 accounts a custom field refers to?

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Fair enough
Maybe it isn’t such a great idea afterall

I still think this would be a good feature. My use case is I have a few different username/password combos with different permissions for a single SQL database. I have a large note field with notes about tables, and multiple URI aliases for this single database, so it’s a hassle updating those details if I have to have a different copy for each username.

It’s probably a niche feature, but I think a little [+ New username] button like OP’s screenshot would be pretty unobtrusive. Could even have it as an opt-in feature in the settings.