Set default account for site

I am loving Bitwarden since I changed over.

I would love the ability to set the default account for saved sites. I have a few sites that I have multiple accounts and having it default to the one I mostly use would be a great addition and a little time saver.

Thank You

You can do this — or something very like it — now. For example, I have two Amazon accounts, one for personal purchases and one for work. I use the personal one twenty times more often than the work one. So I have simply edited the work account’s URI value to “never match”. It’s in there, but is not offered as a second alternative every time I try to get into Amazon.


This can work as a workaround, although it would be good to have an actual feature. Right now the app selects which password to display by alphabetical order, so adding a character to the name will resort and display the desired account (so other accounts will still be visible based or URL, in case those are needed).

When a second account is added with the same URL, an option should become available that allows the user to set which account displays by default.

Thanks for the suggestion all! You can also quickly cycle through matching logins using the keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Autofill, press again to cycle through matching logins

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Adding a note to @dwbit’s comment that when you cycle though, it remembers the last password you used (on that device/browser). I thought there was a article about that, but I’m having a hard time finding it.

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