Defaul Password for a given URL and for automatic fill

Hi to all! :slight_smile:
Frequently, friends and relatives, ask me help them to create their accounts in google, fb, microsoft ecc…
They dont have pratice with informatic and so I must save a copy of their id and password for a future (rare) use.
The result is this: when I use Bitwarden for enter in google, fb etc… I have a long list of password… What a confusion!!! :confused:
Why you don’t give the possibility to define a dafault password for a URL and autofill this for first? If we want use other accounts we can choose it on the list, if not …we press only the “enter” key! I was thinking that the “preferite” list was created for this feature but… no, don’t work like this.
The default account could be also put at the top of the list of Bitwarden when we reach this URL.
Alternatively you could create a special kind of folders where we can put all the accounts that we use only occasionally. The accounts that we put in these special folders could be hidden from the list of Bitwarden and recovered only when needed…

Bitwarden defaults to the last used credentials for a particular URI.

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I deal with this also with helping my parents with their accounts. On my Mac if you hit the cmd-shift-L keyboard twice will fill in other account info you have stored. If you hit it once it remembers the last one it used.

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Ok this feature can be helpful…
But I hope can be better managed in a future release.
Thank you a lot for your replay! :slight_smile:


this is how I would tackle that: I would empty the URL field in the passwords you store for your relatives. You can add the URL in a comment field instead. This way it won’t get triggered by the autofill, but you can find it if you search for the user or the url…


This is a good idea also!
I will try… :wink:
Thank you!