Auto fill the join / create account web page

hi, there long time bitwarden premium user! , I was wondering whether the bitwarden team could add the feature of automatically adding username/email id and random password on the signup / join page, where we can decide the email id predefined ( we can choose which one to use ) and the passwords can be randomly auto-filled of around 20 or so characters, so that we don’t even have to fill the sign up page every time , the software does it for us , since its password selection is very good its of no problem , it can be limited to users who can trust this kind of feature , not compulsory , iam tired of putting my information for sign up page every time , also m bit lazy what do you guys think about this feature ? also would love to hear from the devs

@tgreer @kspearrin guys please reply , dont ignore me

@jaxybees this is a good idea +1 DashLane has this feature where you have a section to put all your information (Here it could be identity all ready exists) and when you get to a page that has registration in the url, it lets you autofill Based on the identity you select.

Not ignoring you @jaxybees :+1:

The spirit of the community here is to get some feedback from folks besides the Bitwarden team. We want to read/listen and understand. I was simply hoping for some more community discussion before adding my opinion :slight_smile:

people are liking it @tgreer even other password managers like dash lane are having it , kindly implement it ASAP . talk with your team of Devs as well hope you consider this @kspearrin

can you tell me the name of the feature or how to activate it coz i want to try it , have you tried it how it works ?

@jaxybees it’s a really hard feature to do right, because as I stated in a previous suggestion. Not all web developers build the same way. The way it works is by reading the HTML/PHP code for key words, for example Name (And it’ll fill in your name there) then looks for the next line etc till it can’t find anything else. Where it runs into issues is some web developers don’t follow a standard naming scheme, I mean it makes sense to call a text box where you put your name in Name, but some web developers might call it something different (Input-3 for example) in this situation the autofill doesn’t work. You would be supposed how many sites it doesn’t work on. Though google chrome has this feature built in, as well as mobile browsers like safari, will autofill for you as well. Nothing will fill the entire page instantly, but it is defiantly quicker then manually typing.

but iam using firefox and also most of my friends want that feature even dashlane has it so whats stopping you guys , i think if you have this kind of unique feature it will only help you get more customers you can keep this as a priemium feature as well , please thnk about it

@Ablac @tgreer @kspearrin

Have you tried it in the browser extension? If you click on an identity it will autofill the information it has stored.

Thats great thanks , However , there is no option of password , in the identity field , could you please add it , that would solve all my problems . take care all the best

@tgreer kindly add the password option in the identity field , then my problems would be solved

It doesn’t make sense to push your request every day. Just be patient and stay tuned. :wink:

okay no worries , i saw your profile since you have tried almost everything related to computer field. what is the most favorite domain for you

I don’t understand… :confused: