Database Backup



Is there a way to make a copy of the actual database (assuming an encrypted version lives locally for the time that you’re using it) and be able to make a local backup. Something other than a CSV backup since that’s unencrypted.

It would be a good way to ensure you have something to go back to in case the database becomes corrupted, such as when renewing the encryption key.

Or just for general, local backup.


Agreed, I have just moved over from DashLane and used that feature alot, weekly encrypted backups.


I saved a copy in an encrypted Keepass file, even though I don’t use Keepass. Bit clunky, and being able to save a copy of the encrypted database would be nice.


I recall this discussion somewhere else at one point (Github?) but haven’t seen any updates.

It does seem useful to archive an encrypted copy, with its encryption or recovery key being the only things that could open it.

On previous password managers you could either export an encrypted copy, or find a local directory where it lives and simply make a compressed zip file copy from it. Plop a data on the file name and done.