Database Backup


I think this would only be possible if this is done on the desktop or mobile version. I don’t know if it would be possible to do this in the web version. I think this topic makes perfect sense, that is, this feature would work on the web and mobile.

initial considerations

  1. About that, I think it would be really nice to have a local copy as the Keepass file type. As long as this copy is encrypted and follows the standard keepass file format for that.
  2. But another perspective of thinking for an efficient backup solution that we should have, is this: even with this copy, wouldn’t it be better to use a database like sqlite?

important points to think and reflect

  1. Why have a sqlite copy instead of the Keepass file format? What is the advantage of this?
  • One of the advantages of sqlite for the keepass format is that it is a database that is used a lot for offline stuff and it is very performant.
  1. Are you saying it wouldn’t be nice to have a backup in keepsass format?
  • I’m saying it would be nice to have a backup in sqlite. From that point on, we can control different keepsass file versions for backup as well. Another interesting point, internally sqlite supports cryptography and is a relational database. This allows us to have a better query in the database if these same data are encrypted data.

Final or initial solution to this problem considering all views and opinions

  1. Backup must be done with sqlite
  2. The backup must be version controlled
  3. Data must be encrypted if it is decided whether the backup will be in keepsass file format or even as sqlite
  4. Backups are essential and thus they should be automatic and a core feature.

Features that may be optional

  1. There should be more backup support such as network(webdav, sftp), local(sqlite, keepass file) or cloud(google drive, dropbox, spideroak, tresorit …) or temporary(after a while, we delete or update the backup)
  2. Backup must be scheduled
  3. We must control different backup versions

results achieved with the solution

  1. If I need to open the data in keepass, I can. After all, you have a copy for that.
  2. If I need a complete copy of the data, I can. After all, I have a full in sqlite copy for this.


  1. I think this would be feasible if you have an encrypted file copy like the keepass file, like @henryg mentioned.
  2. I could be wrong, just think the way you think is best, it’s just a suggestion, and I’m open to any point of view or criticism
  3. My goal is not to criticize anyone or even think that my opinion is better than yours
  4. My goal is to present a point of view for a possible solution with the opinion of all of you to make it possible.
  5. links that are linked in this post, I am not receiving anything in return, I have not received any money, I certainly receive nothing. I’m just showing you some information I read.

my idea


illustrative image description

The mobile device or computer synchronizes the local data stored in the sqlite database on the bitwarden server with the api. In both cases, both the cell phone and the desktop receive, send and synchronize the data.