Encrypted export



Currently the export function only allows for an unprotected CSV file to be generated. Add an option for an encrypted export so that it can be stored safely long-term by the user.

Allow Attachments to be exported when using Export Data

Using PGP encryption might be an option here


Do I understand it correctly, I could export my data in encrypted form and simply store it on multiple devices in raw backup form, and this form would be encrypted? If it’s what I think it is, I like it.

It could work nicely with read-only travel mode? :thinking:


would be nice if it was encrypted using a universal standard like the keepass database format (kdbx)
so we could always access it using a standard offline password manager if nessecary


Saving it as an encrypted ZIP file might work well.


Export it as a keepass v2 xml in a 7zip AES encr package.
Then ssh keys, attachments, and even the 2fa keys can be exported.
The encr is strong.
Bth are open source and free.
And in case of problems the export is directly usable.


lol then why not directly export to a KDBX database?


If possible, kdbx export would be Top! :+1:


I really need this feature too.


It would be really great to have attachments exported.
Keepass would be a great format, That’s what I currently do with my backup exports, put them in keepass and then delete secure wipe where it was saved.


additionally - there should be an option to have an own seperation character for .CSV files - especially in Germany its very common to use the , in normal centences.
If impoting from keepass there are may user defined fields, with HTTP information (like {“Allow”:[“adobeid-na1.services.adobe.com”],“Deny”:[]} .
The exportfile is not really usable .


I would prefer export in a standard format like CSV as a password protected ZIP. Keepass format would only be useful if you wanted to import it in Keepass, I just want a simple CSV format I could use in anything.

Obviously you could provide a choice of formats but that’s more development time taken away from something else.


I also vote for offering encrypted back up to .kdbx format.


Exporting the data as .kdbx would be great.


I’ve also noticed that some of my custom fields or notes don’t export properly in the csv.
It would also be great if the file attachments could be part of the kdbx.


Yes it is needed with 2 proposed requirements for the Encrypted CVS export

  1. Password would be equal to the Bitwarden password
  2. using a free Encryption utility

Alternatively a keepass db with same password would be a good secure backup

(Thanks for Bitwarden…it rocks!)


If anything is not working as it should, please do everyone a favour and report it!



I have written a temporary backup tool available here: https://github.com/vwxyzjn/portwarden.

It pulls your vault items through (Bitwarden CLI)[https://github.com/bitwarden/cli] and download all the attachments associated with those items to a temporary backup folder. Then, portwarden zip that folder, encrypt it with a passphrase, and delete the temporary folder.

Hope it helps.



This python script exports all login entries from Bitwarden (using the CLI) into a XML file that can be imported to KeePass 2 to create and encrypted database, either as a backup (import later to Bitwarden) or to use with Keepass. I hope it’s useful.


I am currently working on a direct to KeePass export for the cli interface.
The pull requests necessary have been opened at https://github.com/bitwarden/jslib/pull/17 and https://github.com/bitwarden/cli/pull/38