Currently self hosting, but thinking of adding premium

I just set up my self hosted environment and I really like it so far, however, I would like to be able to take advantage of some of the Premium offerings. The reason why I went self hosted is because I don’t want my sensitive data out of my network and hosted on some private cloud somewhere. I want it kept within my network.

With that said, if I upgraded to the Premium, will my self hosted data get magically migrated to Bitwarden hosted site? If so, then I won’t upgrade. If you can guarantee me that my self hosted data stays on my on prim location.

Thank you.


Hey @rosede great question! The Bitwarden Migration Procedures Help Center article outlines how data only moves manually, so you are in complete control. You can also read about self-hosted license paid features here.

Thank you. I’ll review the provided information.

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