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I am currently using the the free version of Bitwarden. I have recently setup my own server and have Bitwarden installed on there. How do i get the app on my phone to point to my self-hosting server? I looked at help but since I don’t have a premium subscription I don’t have a license to transfer.


Note: Your question may already be answered in the Bitwarden Help Center.

Just a reminder - All Enterprise, Teams, Families, and Premium subscribers receive priority support at Get in Touch | Bitwarden :partying_face:

Hi @wyzard - welcome!

What version of Bitwarden server are you running and what kind of network setup do you have (e.g., public-facing server on the internet with a proper domain name vs. private home network, reverse proxy, etc.)?

I’m running 2.25.1 It’s a private home network with reverse proxy running Unraid.

Are you certain you are running Bitwarden server? It should not be supported on Unraid installations. If you aren’t certain, there are Bitwarden server imposters out there (e.g., bitwardenrs).

Where did you obtain the installation from and what method did you use to install it?

I’m sorry. I’m running vaultwarden. Obtained it from Apps section in Unraid and installed it that way.

I believe it is best that you check with the Vaultwarden support team, then. This is the wrong forum for supporting that platform - it has no association with Bitwarden.

Hi @wyzard

As @dh024 mentioned if you are using the unofficial 3rd party fork of Bitwarden known as Vaultwarden please feel free to visit us at the Vaultwarden Forums for further support and questions.

In short though, if you are only using the free version of Bitwarden then migration should be fairly easy as you most likely only have login entries, etc which are easily exported and not any attachments.
Simply export your vault in an unencrypted .JSON (contains more information than .CSV) to an encrypted vera-crypt container or something similar. You will then be able to import this to your self-hosted server.

As far as pointing to your self-hosted instance that is as simple as setting the URL for your server in the app settings, see Connect Clients to your Instance | Bitwarden Help & Support for more details.

If you have issues connecting the client to Vaultwarden this is where I would recommend going to the Vaultwarden Forums for further assistance as the Bitwarden clients and tend to have issues if you are connecting to only a local IP or hostname without a FQDN or proper certificates, this may cause you issues that folks here on the Bitwarden Forums cannot assist with as they are unfamiliar with another project.

Lastly here both Vaultwarden and Bitwarden can be hosted for free on your own hardware. Vaultwarden as mentioned is a 3rd party unofficial fork and while it does have several features included, some additional functions of Bitwarden are missing or under development.
Bitwarden can be downloaded and ran in docker with a Bitwarden provided script and will run limited functions similar to the free tier in the Bitwarden Cloud.
Premium features for the self-hosted Bitwarden can then be activated by a Bitwarden licensed obtained from the Bitwarden web vault, provided you are a premium subscriber.

Hope this info helps.

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