Individual Premium Account trial

As I already told in my other post I am a new switchover from 1Password.

I don’t know if this is the correct place to ask but will try anyway…

I would like to try Bitwarden’s self hosting option is there any way to have a trial period?

As many security conscious who use pwd managers I would prefer to have local vaults and self hosting is a good option. Before I invest time in setting up all the infrastructure and, perhaps, mess up my running config on my pi4 I would like to be able to try it.
At the moment bitwarden seems the only alternative to 1Password I’ve been able to spot. It could easily become my new suggested pwd manager solutions once I get it to know well enough.
Thnak you.


Self hosting is included at no cost for individual, family, and enterprise accounts. Feel free to give it a try!

One note to make is that self hosting requires x86 hardware. You can find full requirements and install docs here: Install and Deploy | Bitwarden Help & Support

Thank you for your reply Trey,

is was looking at this and from there it seems a premium subscription is required to enbale self hosting.

Are you saying it will also work with a Free Basic Account?

No problem for the processor specs will use my Intel NUC :wink:

According to License Paid Features | Bitwarden Help & Support

Self-hosting Bitwarden is free, however some features must be unlocked in your self-hosted instance with a registered license file. A license file can be obtained from the Bitwarden-hosted Web Vault by either an account with a Premium Individual subscription or by the Owner of an Organization.

If you want to self host bitwarden on a rasberry pi, check out vaultwarden . :warning:This is an unofficial fork of bitwarden server written in rust.

Thanks @vachan I already found it but with passwords at stake I prefer the original code.
Rewrites can introduce flaws, bugs and other nasty things.
At last I think I will use my nginx redirect function from exposed pi to internal NUC.


Anybody can shed some light in which features are not available in a self hosted instance without license?

Sorry about the confusion on the pricing page :open_mouth:

When you self host a free account, you have the same feature set as a cloud free account.

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Thank you @tgreer will give it surely a try.

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I got it working.
Next I will try to implement mTLS to protect it from unauthorised access.
Thank you all for your support.