Clipboard nuclear button for Mobile

Hello, I am originally from the Signal community.
I am new to Bitwarden.
Please add a button to immediately erase the clipboard or any sort of history from the clipboard in Android, with confirmation if it is erased, or any error if it does not. Is this possible?
This should be a manual way to erase the clipboard.
There is a way to automatically erase within the app, but I would like a manual erase button please.
My phone is a Samsung A01, Android 10. I am using Bitwarden from the Play Store.
Could someone educate me on the current risk of Android clipboard, and the Samsung implementation of it. I understand the risks are slightly reduced in Android 10 compared to previous versions of Android, but what is the reality?
Anyway, I am new to Bitwarden, hopefully I did not miss anything.

I like the idea.
On windows, after i copied a BW password to my clipboard and used it, i always copy some random text to overwrite the clipboard.

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Thank- you. I use the same technique on my Android, although I set Bitwarden to erase the clipboard after some time automatically. I hope they give us the nuke button.

The problem is when you have things like the “LG Clip Tray”

Currently I have a Tasker task that copies 15 cat emojis into the clipboard after the “screen off” event.

I am currently using the clipboard timer and it works fine, I am having doubts whether this would be practical. Although this would give more peace of mind than copying any random text to clear the clipboard. Now that I think about it, it would be cool if Android implemented a feature specifically for copying passwords or sensitive info, where once something is copied it is inaccessible to any app, except for the user who could paste.