Why the bitwarden desktop client didn't clear clipboard though I has set clear in 10s

Can anybody tells me how to solve the problem?Every time I had to clear the clipboard manually.

Which client? Desktop or Mobile or Extension?

It’s desktop.Do you have the same problem?

It works for me when the app is open. If I close the app immediately after copying the password, the password will not be cleared from the clipboard. Do you close the app right after copying the password?

Emm,the password seems not to be cleared even if I keep the bitwarden app window open.How long does this problem exist?Do the developers try to solve it?I think it’s annoying.

The clipboard clears for me. I don’t know why the clipboard is not clearing for you. Can you check whether the clear clipboard works on the browser extension. Just try it out.

Are you using Windows Clipboard history? Maybe it has to do with this functionality. You can check using ‘Windows logo key + V’.

Bitwarden clears the clipboard even if the Windows Clipboard is turned off.

Yes,I just use windows clipboard history to confirm whether bitwarden clear the copied password.

Is your problem fixed?

No, I used keepass to copy the password and then through win+v, I couldn’t see the copied password at all, and I couldn’t paste the copied password after the time was up. But bitwarden has no way to achieve it.

Maybe I have to go back to keepass in the end.Keepass can meet all my needs and I just use bitwarden to experience differences.

Bitwarden will clear the current clipboard, but it will not clear or delete the clipboard history.

It would be good to address this in a future release. In the meantime, you can disable the clipboard history feature as a quick fix - although I know that won’t be ideal for everyone.


Yes,as you said,bitwarden clears the current clipboard but not the clipboard history.This differs from keepass I used to use.But clipboard history is also necessary for me.Just hope developer can improve this in the future.Finally, thank you to all those who were kind enough to answer my questions! :+1:

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So Bitwarden clears the password currently copied and not the entire clipboard history. So you were talking about Bitwarden not clearing the entire clipboard, right? I was thinking that Bitwarden did not remove the copied password from the clipboard. I am confused😂

No,I don’t want bitwarden to clear the entire history and this makes no sense.I just find the result of bitwarden clearing the clipboard is that I can’t use ctrl+v directly to paste the copied password after the specified time has elapsed.But I can see the copied password in the clipboard history using win+v and I can click on the password in the clipboard to paste it.
As a comparison,I can’t see the copied password in the clipboard when using keepass to copy password.I guess this is because keepass is based on C# and bitwarden is based on electron.

@tgreer: Hey Trey, do you have a hint for us of how to handle the combination of Windows’ Clipboard history and Bitwarden?


W10: Settings -> System -> Clipboard

I’ll verify, but I don’t think that we are able to clear that history with the current mechanism.

I have the same problem. When copying a password, it never get deleted after x sec also this is what I’ve set in the options.
I’m on Mac High Sierra, using desktop app and Firefox extension. My current app version is 1.29.1.
Could you advise?
thank you