Bitwarden is not clearing the clipboard

Bitwarden is not clearing the clipboard after X seconds? Anyway to fix it?
I’m on Android 10 Samsung Galaxy tab s6

This may be familiar to you :wink:

We’re looking into it - but anyone else whose experiencing it, any details are helpful!

I was going to comment on the github issue but it’s been closed and then I noticed it has been opened for more than a month. Probably a comment here will be seen by more folks than if I post it there.

The one thing that Samsung devices have that is peculiar to those devices is clipboard history. @Loot did you turn off clipboard history? It is not something you can turn off through the GUI. You have to turn on developer mode, turn on USB debugging, connect with the debugger (adb) and remove a couple of packages. I’ve done it on my tablet and my wife’s tablet. I’ve followed the detailed instructions in the answer to this StackExchange question.

If you (@Loot) did not turn off clipboard history, then I’d be curious to see if other folks that have Samsung devices and did not turn off clipboard history are able to replicate the problem.

Clipboard history is disabled on all my Samsung devices, but I’ve not installed bitwarden on them yet.

@lddubeau I did not turn off clipboard history.

Good to know. It would be nice to know whether other folks with Samsung devices can reproduce the problem, and whether they have the clipboard history on or off.

Here is a video
It didn’t pick up the Vualt but I did copy the password from bitwarden and I have the clipboard to 10 seconds
@tgreer @lddubeau

@Loot thanks for the video.

So… I’ve installed bitwarden on my Samsung tablet, which has the clipboard history turned off. And I cannot reproduce the problem. I’ve set the clipboard to be cleared after 10 seconds. I can paste as long as the 10 seconds are not elapsed. After that I cannot.

I’m tempted to think that clipboard history is the problem. However, I cannot guarantee that it is. There may be something else going on on your tablet that is not happening on mine, and clipboard history being turned on on yours and off on mine is just coincidence.

In my opinion, clipboard history should be turned off on any device on which passwords will transit through the clipboard. Ideally, passwords would never transit through the clipboard but in some situations it may be unavoidable without significant pain.

@lddubeau So I can still copy passwords with my clipboard history turned off?

And if I use Dashlanes password manager it clears the clipboard.

@Loot Even with the clipboard history turned off, the clipboard still works, so yes, you can still copy passwords. It just does not keep a history of what has been copied into it. If you ask an app to clear the clipboard after 10 seconds, but the clipboard keeps a history, then clearing the clipboard is moot since the password will still be there in the history.

I’m not sure what your Dashlane comment means. It ends with a question mark so you seem to be asking about it. I’ve not used Dashlane so I don’t know anything about it. If you meant to assert that Dashlane is able to clear the clipboard, even when clipboard history is turned on, then that would point to Dashlane clearing the clipboard in way different from how Bitwarden does it. I’m not an Android developer so I don’t have a clue here as to what the difference would be.

I’ll look into disabling the clipboard history thnx

I disabled the clipboard history and the problem is still there.
Ill try on a older Galaxy tab and see if it happens there too.

@tgreer I tested out on my Samsung Galaxy Tab E and it clears the clipboard. So it must be something on Samsung Galaxy tab s6.

Thanks for the update!

I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S9 phone. Never thought about it before. I have not disabled the clip board history, mainly because I didn’t know there was a history. In the history I can see previously copied passwords too. I have to disable the history and test again.

I will test on other Samsung devices too.

Just tested on my Samsung Galxay Tab S5e and same issue there.

Problem exists on Galaxy S8 phone. Clipboard settings set to clear clipboard, but that never happens for me. I have NOT disabled clipboard history in developer options.

Same issue here with a Samsung device. Any update about this issue?