Can BitWarden emulate keystrokes?

My bank has just introduced new security measures requiring internet banking login passwords to be typed in manually, and not auto filled by a password manager.

Therefore the password that is auto filled by BitWarden is rejected by the bank as it is auto filled and the bank’s system somehow detects this.

Is there a way to get BitWarden fill in passwords in such a way that they appear to have been typed in on a keyboard?

I don’t know how the bank detects this but I’m guessing that when an entire password is pasted into the password field in one go it is somehow detected as such whereas if each character was entered one at a time with a few milliseconds delay between each character then that might work.


With Firefox, you can try to forbid websites preventing copy and paste with this about:config entry:

This should make it work.

Nope. doesn’t work.

The bank’s web page is somehow still able to detect that password has been filled in by a password manager instead of being typed in manually.

I’ve experienced the same problem with a few sites, often financial. On a related note, if BW can “type” in the passwords, can I also deploy a keyscrambler for added security?