[Bug?]Auto fill on Bitwarden password

Either there is a problem on my side, or there is an INCREDIBLY problematic bug in Bitwarden. When you click on the eye icon to log into the Bitwarden vault, it auto completes my Bitwarden password!!!
This means 0% security.

How can this be prevented? Help, help, help!

Hi @Sander_Bouwhuis
This is a feature request forum, not support forum.

Instead of just sending you away, I’ll try to help you quickly. You don’t provide too many details, but two things can happen:

  • you saved BW password in your browser? Open saved passwords section in your browser, remove entry and ideally - tick ‘never ask to remember password’ to avoid accidentally adding it again.
  • you saved your BW password in BW, so of course, it tries to fill it in. You can remove record from bitwarden to fix it.

I’m sorry, but I can’t find the support forum.
Can you please give me the URL to the support forum?

I’m talking about the password you have to provide when you start the web browser. I click the Bitwarden shield icon and it asks me for my master password. That password is auto suggested to me after I type the first character of my password.

Also, I checked the ‘saved logins’ in my Waterfox browser, but there are none. Also, the checkbox for saving logins is off.

You can send an email to support here: https://bitwarden.com/contact/ Responses are usually pretty quick, so you’re unlikely to be waiting daaaayyyys for a response. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid, I don’t understand your problem, my browser doesn’t ask for password.

When sending an email to Bitwarden support I would recommend adding details like browser name+version / operating system and providing screenshots if possible (please remember to obscure stuff you don’t want Support to know, some people consider emails or site names sensitive, so just a thought! It will be one to one conversation with support, not a public forum).