Bulk collection migration

Feature name

  • Bulk collection migration

Feature function

This will allow you to tick all the check boxes of entries you want to move, and then move them to another collection using the cog menu.

We need this feature. Without this feature, making structure changes as a big organisation is very tedious.

Please, implement this!


We really really need this feature, it can be a big stop if an user try to migrate to bitwarden

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Bulk item / collection management is under dev currently :slight_smile:


I just literally search if this feature exists. This would be really great to have.

Migrating over from Last Pass here. Really need this so I can add all of the logins to the Default Collection (it migrated in into a collection called “Unassigned”). But also, to disperse the logins for my kids into their respective collections.

Found on the github that apparently I could have chosen a group when I did the import - but I did not see that anywhere. And now, it’s already done, so I am not going back…

Thank you for your post!

Feature name

  • Name
    Mass Re-assign of organization secrets to different collection/s.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

Similar to a personal vault where you can mass assign secrets to an organization which, asks you to select a collection it should be in. Users should have the ability to adjust the secrets collection for secrets that already exist within the organization. Currently, you can do this one at a time (there is no select */mv to collection) but, there is no ability to mass re-assign. For example, if I wanted to re-assign all secrets attached to specific email address I should be able to 1. query for the email, 2. Select All within the organization vault and 3. move to new/additional collection/s.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

Take a re-assign task that takes hours to a few seconds.

  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected
    #vault #organizations #app:all

We are moving from defunct MyKi absolutely need this feature. Import then export and edit then re-import is not a very sensible work around even if it saves my fingers.