✅ Bulk collection migration

I’m sorry, this was basically the same answer in July, almost 10 months ago. Not sure how many sprints have passed since then, but obviously this is a very complicated feature or the team doesn’t have the time to work on it.
I have no issue if some feature gets delayed - but I’d rather see that communicated in an open way. There are people out there who need that feature before they can migrate to Bitwarden, especially in a professional environment.
By always saying it is being worked on the feature the impression of an implementation in a reasonable time frame arises!

This feature is quite convenient when we do the migration from our hosted Bitwarden instance and it seems quite easy to implement.

Hi all - Priya from the product team. Thank you for the feedback! The ability to assign items to collections in bulk is available from the Admin Console. This bulk action will also be available from the Individual Vault in an upcoming release.

@priya Welcome to the forum!

It is unclear from the Help documentation whether bulk “assign” also includes bulk transfer of items from one collection to another collection (as opposed to just assigning previously unassigned items to a collection). This question came up recently in another thread.

Thanks @grb! You can use the “assign to collections” action for items in any collection. With that, you can bulk transfer items from one collection to another collection. We’ll look into making that more clear in the documentation!

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