Bug Report


I believe I found a bug, I’m trying out Bitwarden in HyperV right now to see some functions of it. While in the Desktop Application when I click on a drop down menu in any of the “Types”, the drop down menu will either be located above the application and I cannot select anything. As well as if I double click on the drop down menu the Application will just turn white. If you click around the area the drop down menus will still show but you cannot see any information you have listed. Closing Bitwarden application and signing back in is only way to resolve or if Bitwarden self locks due to Timeout. Upon resigning in the error won’t happen.

Hi @tjthao! Thanks for posting. There are some reports of GPU acceleration causing similar issues - perhaps you could try looking into those settings"

If you don’t have any luck there, we track all the bug reports in GitHub. This one would specifically be here: https://github.com/bitwarden/desktop/issues

Would you mind creating an issue for this and filling out the issue template? It really helps us nail down issues faster, and lets us keep track of reports as well as keeps you updated on any fixes.