Browsers Question

What Browser do you recommend to use with Bitwarden? I have tried Chrome, Firefox & Edge, none of them seem to be compatible.

All of those browsers are compatible with Bitwarden.

Why do you believe that they are not compatible?

I do not use the built-in password manager in my browsers.

If I use my image to attempt access to Bitwarden Vault
my Master Password is requested.

If I use my image to attempt access to Community.Bitwarden
I dont get logged in.

If I use my image to attempt access too

my login data is not auto filled.
This happens in any browser I use.

It is not clear to me what you mean by “my image”. Are you attempting to unlock your Bitwarden browser extension using biometrics (e.g., Face ID)?

Again, I’m not sure exactly what you are saying. Have you set up a login item in your vault, containing the URI, along with your username and password for the community forum?

Please note that Bitwarden does not automatically submit any login forms (because this presents a security risk), and by default, Bitwarden does not automatically auto-fill your login credentials into the login form (again, because it is a security risk). By default, some kind of user interaction is required to auto-fill the username and password (for example, pressing the keyboard combination Ctrl+Shift+L); if you want auto-filling to occur automatically, without user action, then you need to go to Settings > Auto-fill and enable the option “Auto-fill on page load”.

Please see instructions above.

To gain access to my vault using the Browser App, I need my master password to reach the login section, then I need it again to open my Vault.

This is how LastPass does it, occasionally I have to use my Google Authenticator.


I don’t use Lastpass, and how Lastpass works is not relevant to using Bitwarden.

You haven’t answered my questions from above, or let me know if you tried the instructions that I provided (and if so, what your results were).


There is no “browser app”, but I think you may be referring to the Bitwarden browser extension. You only need to enter the master password once, not twice, to open the vault. If you are experiencing something different, then there is either something wrong with your set-up, or with how you are interacting with the Bitwarden browser extension.

If you want assistance with this issue, it would help if you uploaded screenshots of the two input screens where you are entering your master password.

This is what I have to do. I still do not get Auto Filled + Login on other sites I have.

FYI, I redacted your screenshot to remove your email address, which was visible in several places.

It is a little unclear where you clicked in the second screen. As shown below, there are actually 4 different places you could click:


I’m guessing that you clicked on the Launch icon (#2 in the screenshot), but please clarify if you did something different.

For trouble-shooting purposes, would you mind instead going back and clicking on location #1, which should open the item for viewing. Then, click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the browser extension, and take a screenshot. If the Password field is non-empty, then please ensure that the password visibility ( :eye: ) has been toggled to off (•••••••••••••); also ensure that you have redacted your email address, then upload the screenshot in your response.

In addition, please open the browser extension Settings ( :gear: ), click on the Auto-fill link at the top, and take a screenshot showing your Auto-fill settings.