Blank awareness elevation

Just the other day I spent hours and hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t login with Bitwarden, and was forced to use “the other leading brand.”

A json export finally revealed to cause.

"username": "jidanni ",

Do you see that? That’s a genuine blank space stuck on the back of my user name. One problem, my username doesn’t have a trialing blank.

Therefore I recommend:

  1. When viewing, entering, saving, editing, or anything regarding usernames or passwords, Bitwarden should be sure to show blanks as big “loud” (e.g., orange) squares.
  2. When the user attempts to save items with blanks in them, or use such items later when e.g., logging in to websites, Bitwarden should ask the user “does your username or password really have a blank in it?”

Currently the user is totally unable to tell, except via a JSON dump,if an item has a e.g., trailing blank in it, because:

  1. The backgrounds in Bitwarden do not contrast a trailing blank with no character at all.
  2. The form entry textboxes in Bitwarden all do not show the end of line position. So one cannot tell Nerflesburg vs. Nerflesburg with 15 blanks appended.
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I have been bitten by this in various forms and not just by Bitwarden.

With Bitwarden, the space at least can be detected by clicking and moving the insertion point with the arrow keys. This is how we usually check for that problem, but I have encountered some instances where it was there but totally undetectable because HTML tends to collapse multiple white-spaces.

Bitwarden does have a nice way to detect this with passwords (the 1.2.3. menu next to the eyeball). Perhaps that could be expanded to username, TOTP secret, etc.

Did you want to make this a feature request? It has to be so designated and get votes for it to get attention.

I think it a sensible proposal, by the way. For some of my password generation, blank or space is an available character in the set so could even appear at beginning or end, randomly.

OK, I’m glad to know blank detection is indeed possible. (But for daily usage that’s still like needing to poke a blind person’s cane in front of oneself as one walks, because there are no (orange) lights where the holes are.)

And regarding feature requests. Yes, I swear that is the path that I clicked to get here. So if there’s some click I missed, please click it for me. Thanks!

Sorry, my powers are (very) limited on this planet. :slight_smile:
I shall attempt to signal an @grb as as I know they are among those who could help.


I have moved this thread into the Feature Request forum.