[SOLVED] Prevents login to St. Lukes University Health Network

With Bitwarden installed on Firefox, I cannot log into St. Luke’s Health Network https://www.slhn.org/

Only after I remove the Firefox extension, can I log in. The symptom is nothing happens other than a brief spinning icon. I tried it several times and every time Bitwarden blocks my login. St. Luke’s IT had no suggestions other than not to use Bitwarden. Any ideas on what the problem might be?

Please disregard. There was apparently a space inserted at the end of my username which caused the problem. Deleting the space fixed the login issue.

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I’ve had a similar issue in the past (with a non-Bitwarden systems). It seems like this would be an easy think for Bitwarden to check for and warn you about, so I submitted a feature request for this here: