Website auto-fill shows password instead of dots

I surely enjoy using this software, as I’m a former lastpass user I’ve found bitwarden to be a much better selection for me. On one of my saved favorite’s that I have a bitwarden entry for, when I attempt to auto-fill the login information the forum user name fills in correctly, but the password block show my actual saved password instead of the normal display of just ‘dot’s’ . I don’t seem to have that issue on my other saved site’s, has anyone else had the same issue, and if so how did you correct it ?

That sounds like an issue with the specific site. Do they have the field at as a password type or just plain text? You could view source for the site and see how they’ve configured the form.

Hi danmullen,
First of all thanks so very much for your reply, I think that’s got me confused more than anything else, when I used to be using lastpass I never had that issue on that site, so I don’t know why it should be any different with bitwarden ?

Strange. Would you mind sharing which website it is? I could have a quick look and see if there’s anything that might explain this.

Here’s a link to the site in question : thanks again for any help you can provide.

That definitely looks like an issue on the site itself David. Not sure how LastPass is unaffected - at a guess, does LastPass leave the second box completely blank rather than filled with dots?

Here’s the code from the login form at the top of the page:

<input type="text" class="textbox default-value" name="vb_login_username" id="navbar_username" size="10" accesskey="u" tabindex="101" value="User Name" style="color: rgb(119, 119, 119);">
<input type="password" class="textbox" tabindex="102" name="vb_login_password" id="navbar_password" size="10" style="display: none;">
<input type="text" class="textbox default-value" tabindex="102" name="vb_login_password_hint" id="navbar_password_hint" size="10" value="Password" style="display: inline;">

As you can see, there are actually three fields, though the middle one is hidden from view ( style=“display: none;”). That field is the actual password field. The one you can see is the password hint field and it is a plain text type, so it won’t replace the contents with dots or asterisks. I’d guess that Bitwarden is putting your password into both the hidden one, which will log you in, and into the hint box that’s in full view. To test that, let Bitwarden fill in your details then make a change to the visible password. I think it’ll still log you in as your actual password is correct in the hidden field.

Maybe let the site moderators know there’s an issue. In the meantime, if you don’t want Bitwarden putting your password into that plain text field, add a custom field called vb_login_password_hint with no value.

Actually, it weirdly changes the properties on those fields when you click in them, so that might not work. Having the blank custom field should stop your password being displayed though.

I don’t mind telling that I’m totally overwhelmed @ the amount of help you are providing to me, I can honestly state that I NEVER received this amount of help when I was using lastpass. If I understand you correctly, go ahead and utilize the auto-fill on the affected site & then use my backspace button to get rid of my visible password ? I’ll just have to experiment some more & see what I can come up with. Please Stay Safe

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I’m happy to help David! The best way to get around the issue is to edit the saved details for that site in Bitwarden. Add a custom field with the name “vb_login_password_hint” and leave the value blank. This should stop your password from appearing in plain text on that site. It’s only doing that because of an issue with the software they are using (vBulletin).

Anyway, welcome to Bitwarden :smiley:


I am a new Bitwarden user and also a Tenforums member. This is an odd one. When I use Bitwarden to autofill my credentials the password appears in plain text. Disabling Bitwarden and firing up my previous manager - Keepass 2 with the Kee extension, Kee autofills the password box with dots.

Guys, can I enable “3dots” like it was in Lastpass in the login field (Opera)? Instead of clicking the browser extension or right-clicking - BW - fill etc … ?