Feature requst: allow copying username like password

S-Pankki bank in Finland treats both username and password fields the same way and Bitwarden believes that only password is requested and autofills it into the username field.

Additional complication is that when I want to use strong electrical identification ((mobile ID SIM Toolkit app, FINEID card or most commonly online bank credentials) used for making contracts, interacting with public agencies/institutions/I-don’t-know the-English word), S-Pankki has option to use their mobile app for the authentication in which case on PC I am only asked for the username. I am doing this often when I need to access the Social Insurance Institution or my electrical health data and currently Bitwarden forces me to open my vault, seek S-Pankki and copy the username by hand from there.

My request is that username was copiable the same way as password, by clicking the extension icon and there seeing S-Pankki and having a button to copy the username and not only the key for copying the password.

Click the person icon next to the key icon.

The person icon copies the username field.

What person icon (there should be a screenshot on top of this comment where my linkedin username is censored)? I am on Bitwarden 1.33.3, which Firefox 64.0b4 says to be up-to-date. I am using Firefox Beta in Esperanto from https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/beta/all/ .

I am also using Firefox Extension 1.33.3 with Firefox 63.0

It shows a gray person for items that do not have any Username entered.
I have no idea why yours it different.

I downloaded my extension here:


You can also use custom fields to target the username field specifically. See https://help.bitwarden.com/article/custom-fields/

hmmmm… interesting… the username is also a type=“password” field…

@kspearrin What do you think?

I made a test entry and went to your bank:


And it worked that the username was test333 and the password was test22.

I think Bitwarden is just treating any input tag with a “password” type (aka. it is hidden with dots) as the password field.

However, adding a Custom Field called “username” let me auto-fill the username into the box.

Click the + button here to add a custom field:


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Usernames and passwords include only numbers and the other scenario which works without password is selecting “Kirjaudu verkkopankkiin” (Login to web-bank), “S-Mobiililla” (with S-Mobile) and the password is removed and now options are just username or QR-code (to scan with S-Mobile app). When I click the account here, my password gets autofilled and the bank says “Kirjautuminen epäonnistui, virheellinen käyttäjätunnus” which is “Login failed, invalid user account”.

If I didn’t use “S-Mobile”, I would need to use OTP from paper sheet.

Should I open an issue somewhere about missing buttons or how should I continue with it seems that I am asking for a fewature that exists while a bug just hides buttons from me.

Please add a Custom Field.

I have verified that Custom Field works on your bank website.

I tested and it worked with Custom Field the autofill