Bitwarden v Keeper - Enterprise (Mac/i-devices & Windows/Android)

Looking to start using Bitwarden or Keeper for enterprise level scale (small business with 20 staff). Passwords as well as 2FA in some form need to be shareable without the original owner of the account being pinged to give a code or having to do something to give the information to the person requesting the info. Is that something Bitwarden can do?

Yeah its how I use it for my organisation, the 2FA code is tied to the credential which is shared with people in a collection so anybody with access can get the code :slight_smile:


Sweet. I was looking for that info and could not find it anywhere in the FAQ document area. Do you happen to have any links to written info on that?

Nothing that explicitly states it works this way with sharing however the collections article explains how sharing works in the organisation and then the [TOTP]((Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) | Bitwarden Help & Support) one goes into how that works. The item is the same whether its personal or organisation so it works for both

An example is I have a single Cloudflare account for 8 of us to access with 2FA which we all access multiple times a day without problems