Assign a login to a someone else

I want to create logins for other family members and assign it to them, as I need to setup the 2fa for them.
It needs to be THEIRS, not mine but shared with them.

Is there any way to do this?

For each member, you create an account and set up 2FA for them individually.

You can share passwords by creating an organization (such as family). You will be the owner of the organization, and you invite each of the account into the organization.

Then, from your org, you can set up “Collections” with the appropriate permissions for each member per collection and then you move credentials/items into the collections, and the members with the appropriate permissions will be able to view/change the items in the collections appropriately.

If you are just with your single partner (or you would like to try setting up to see how it works), you can create a free org with 2 members, with 2 collections.

The cost for a family plan is $40/year for 6 members including yourself; you might be able to get it free if your workplace is already using Bitwarden.

Note that “org vault” and “personal vault” are separate from each other, and you have to backup them up separately.

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yes I am aware of all this, this is not a new account, the family already exists, the users already exist, I already use collections etc.

but as I said, I am not trying to SHARE logins with people, I am trying to create login for someone else then assign to them and only them, because I am the only one who can setup the 2fa for this site, they cannot do it themselves, so I need to create the login for them.

when you share a login, its your login that belongs to you, but you are giving someone else access to it. This is not what I want to do.

@Russ_Michaels If you have the login credentials to the Bitwarden accounts of your family members, then the easiest thing would be to login to their accounts and do it for them directly there. Afterwards (or even before that), they could change their master passwords, so that you don’t get these permanently, if nobody wants that.

“Account sharing” is not part of the “terms of use” - but I think, I hope… “setting up an account for someone else” is okay ?!

Another workaround I thought of these last days, would be for you to (temporarily) create an organization and collection, storing the credentials for one person there… and you can export an collection, that they can import than into a folder, I think. I never tested it myself, though… For this export function, see here: Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center

The only way that you and another user can have access to the same login item is if the item is in a collection.

Thus, one approach would be to set up a collection that nobody has “can view” access to except for the other user who is the intended recipient of the login item; after setting up the new login item within a collection for which you have “can edit” or “can manage” permissions, transfer it to the recipient’s restricted collection.

Alternatively, after setting up the item within a collection that is shared between you and the recipient, they can clone the item and assign ownership of the cloned item to their individual vault. Then, delete the original, shared version from the organization vault.