Password ownership when Shared to 2 organizations

I haven’t tried this yet:

Once an individual share a password the ownership is transferred to the organization, will both be owners of it is shared to two?

A single item can only belong to either 1 individual user or 1 organization at any time.

An item can belong to many Collections within an organization, though.

Oh boy so that can become a real nightmare if I want to share a password with 2 friends part of different organizations. I’d have to manually duplicate it and share it twice?

To share the password with them, they would need to be in your organization, or you would need to be in theirs.

If the password needed to exist in 2 organizations simultaneously, then you would need 2 copies of it - one in each, as the organization owns that item, not the individual user.

Ohh no. Ugh this might mean I will have to keep using another password manager as well. It seems untenable because I can’t have so many multiples of logins. And I cannot expect less tech savvy user to manage their passwords in such a way.

Is this how it is intended to work or is this some weird technical limitation that still needs to be figured out?

I must be missing something here. If I get a whole bunch of friends to switch over to Bitwarden from LastPass and they all get their Premium or Family Organization accounts, I cannot share one password to a bunch of them without duplicating it for every single share?

Sharing with Bitwarden is contained within an Organization (family, teams, enterprise). Of course, users can be part of multiple organizations, so the configuration you’d be looking at is an Organization that has your friends in it.

I’m sure folks have used creative solutions, but the design is to encompass secure items/sharing within an Organization and assign/share them using Collections to the appropriate people.

So I can be in a Family Organization and multiple other work related organizations and I can put my friends who are also in their family organizations and work organizations into an organization only for friends? If so I pay for my family, work organizations are paid by each company, and who is paying for the one I add all my friends into? Is there a chart or something, I feel like I am a bit aimless here :wink: I really really want Bitwarden to just be the all-in-one solution after years of frustration with LastPass and testing 1Password, Dashlane, RoboForm, … I’m ready to settle down!

Update: Is there an easy way to duplicate an entry or multiple entries in my Vault?
Update2: Individual entries can be cloned by the owner only & clones can be assigned to any owner. I assume I cannot clone multiple items nor could I find a way to clone a collection & give it a new owner.

I have a situation where I consult with clients who want to switch over with their companies to Bitwarden. Each of them share some passwords with me as I am their admin for a bunch of stuff. @tgreer what is the most ideal setup inside of Bitwarden to make this sharing possible from many companies to me an external user?

Re: Organizations and paying, usually whoever wishes to facilitate sharing is the one who purchases the Organization :slight_smile:

Re: clients, ideally they would be Bitwarden users, too :wink: - but if not, it may be beneficial for you to have an organization with an open seat or two where you can invite those outside users and share as needed, and then you can remove them once the data is in your Org vault or until the consulting is complete.

I’m coming across this thread because I have an IT business with multiple staff, and I want to also share passwords with my individual clients.

If I’m reading this thread right based on how bitwarden is engineered it is impossible to have a single entry that can be shared with 2 different organizations (my paid business-staff) and a personal organization (my client).

The only workaround is having two different items, or I have to add all my clients into my work organization…and then pay licenses for them.

I’m sure this is to stop people from using the free org’s to work around paying for accounts but…Meh :frowning: