Best and easiest way for wife and I to share logins/notes

I’ve been using BitWarden and, for the most part, I love it. There are a few challenges I’m struggling with. I wanted to make sure my understanding is correct before I move to an alternative password vault solution.

This is our setup and my understanding.

  • I have my BitWarden account
  • My wife has her BitWarden account
  • We have a BitWarden organization that we’re both members of
  • I can only access items in my account or the organization
  • She can only access items in her account or the organization
  • If either of us creates a new item, we have to manually share it to the organization; or, more precisely, transfer the item’s ownership to the organization
  • There is no way to set it so that all items created by either of us are automatically owned by the organization
  • We can both use just one account but if we have 2FA enabled on it then:
    • Only one email can be added for the code to be sent to
    • Each of us could have an authenticator app on our phone linked to BitWarden
  • Once you make the organization an owner of an item, there is no way to reassign ownership back to an individual account

Cost is not a concerns for me.

I’m trying to find the easiest way to manage this, especially for my wife. She’s not going to remember to always transfer ownership over to the organization. And if we use one account, she doesn’t like my BitWarden password and doesn’t like that she can’t use her email for the 2FA code.

Am I missing something? Are these issues/challenges valid?


Hi @imthenachoman

I’ve been using BW for more than a year now and I think you got it all right.

The only thing I could add is regarding 2FA via email :
you could use a third email account that would auto-forward everything to both of your personal addresses.

But I hear you on this:

and share your concerns.

Which brings me to say, if you’re considering using the same account for the two of you, then you might want to have a look at Buttercup and KeeWeb which are both open-source (and free).

I have used neither of those for more than a test drive (because I already had enrolled my wife on BW when I found them), but they both look enticing to me. I think they are both built on the concept of using multiple files (vaults); that should allow for collaboration. From what I can read, you’re the more tech-savvy of the two; you could use one file for the two of you plus one file for yourself. And your wife could eventually use another file for herself if need be.

Let me know what you think.

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Buttercup looks interesting. I will check it out.

For now I’ve got her begrudgingly using BW so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Hi @imthenachoman, I’m having the same issue with my wife/Bitwarden, and just wondered what the outcome was with your wife. I was wondering if I could pay for a single premium account, and have my wife use the free organization. I guess it’s free with a premium account. A free organization for two people is free with the free account. I guess if I don’t get a response back, I’ll know you left BW for greener pastures.

Hello @Blue_Moon. I never found a solution. We’re both paying for BW premium but right now she’s logged into my account on her phone. It’s a serious PITA but not sure what else to do. I’ve been eyeing KeePass but don’t have time to check it out so will stick with BW for a bit longer.