Bitwarden free version always free?

This will be free forever with all feature like now or will be limited in the future
I hope it always free like now

Bitwarden is open-source, meaning that the code that makes Bitwarden work is available for all to see.

Should Bitwarden decide to change course and make major changes that the community does not agree with I believe several individuals may have the ability to fork the project or come up with a compatible offering.

Thankfully however Bitwarden understands their position, and constantly try to add new features where they can with a balance between the business customers who keep the lights on and the free customers.
Bitwarden provides quite a bit to free users, with very little limits on functionality. It becomes a very easy sell to have someone who has never used a password manager to try it out when it’s free and so capable.
Truly helps to keep the masses of people online better secure and protected, and I believe ultimately that is their goal.

I don’t think Bitwarden would do as some :eyes: others have done and offer so much to free users just to pad their member count, only to pull the rug out from under them and remove features handicapping the free tier of users, holding your data hostage to better their bottom line.
Should you CHOOSE to support to project the paid membership won’t break the bank either :wink:


thanks for this question @johnpetter1 and reply @cksapp !
this blog post shares more on the Bitwarden approach, starting with providing password management to everyone. a fully featured free version is important to that pursuit


thank you so much now I know that bitwarden will be free forever.I hope our comminity more and more stronger


I enjoyed free Bitwarden for a good while until it behooved me to upgrade to a Premium Membership. I did the same thing recently with Proton, having enjoyed its free mail and free vpn for some time, it became time to enjoy the benefits of the paid vpn and the massive performance increase it offers. Bitwarden and Proton are several companies I’m delighted to pay; I want to pay them. They were there for me – for free! – and each has my loyalty. Thank you, Bitwarden, for the principled business model, for the extreme value!

Tõnis aka Tn1s