Is Bitwarden Premium features open source?

Is Bitwarden Premium features open source? If I host by own, do I get all features that is Premium in service?

Hi @kevne, Bitwarden software is open-source. Licenses are paid independently of cloud or self-host deployments. You can find more about licensing paid features for self-hosting here License Paid Features | Bitwarden Help Center

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Hi @kevne, how are you?

Bitwarden software is open-source. Most of the Bitwarden repositories licenses are: AGPL, GPLv3 etc.

Most parts of Nginx and Docker are also open-source, but not all parts. This model is called [Open-core model - Wikipedia](open-core model).

If Bitwarden is totally open-source, I can download the source code, remove licence mechanism parts from the code and then built it. And it’s legal since Bitwarden is GPLv3 and AGPLv3.
If Bitwarden is not totally open-source, I can’t get closed-source features without paying.

So, how is it? Is Bitwarden completely open-source or not? If it isn’t completely open-source, which all parts are closed-source?

Paying for good service like BitwardenCom/BitwardenEu isn’t problem for me. I gladly pay it. I also gladly support/tip good projects.
But I believe to unlimited, competely open-source softwares and if Bitwarden doesn’t is it, tell me.

Hi @kevne, how are you?

I hope I’ve answered any questions and have helped, if I didn’t help I apologize. To get answers to your questions about this: “Is Bitwarden Premium features open source?”, I suggest contacting Bitwarden directly.

Hi @kevne you can view license Bitwarden software and license detail on GitHub Bitwarden · GitHub

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