Bitwarden premium free for Open Source Projects?

Is there any change to make Bitwarden Premium free for Open Source project? For example 1Password has such a program which works really nice.

At this moment the business decision of preventing use of OTP for free users makes it pretty much useless for any practical purposes. I do no want to use another app to generate code for the ever growing number of systems that require OTPs. Almost all major online services are using 2FA and are making very hard not to enable it.

2FA/OTP experience is key when picking a password manager and disabling it in a sneaky way (write-only) prevents us from even testing if it would work or not.

Premium is only $10/year, which is very cheap! If you don’t want to pay that, then Authy is a great option that I would highly recommend.


You could host a bitwarden_rs docker container yourself, all premium features are then available for free. I suggest you donate nevertheless, because they are doing a great job.

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