Bitwarden extension popup disappears when switching away from browser window

I use Bitwarden on Firefox. After clicking on the Bitwarden icon, the popup appears fine but because I have 2FA enabled for my Bitwarden account, I switch the active window from Firefox to Authy app. When I do that, the Bitwarden popup disappears. Clicking on the icon again re-prompts for the master password.

Does anyone else think the popup must be visible until the 2FA token is entered?

For now, a workaround that I use is, memorize the Authy 2FA token, clicking on the Bitwarden icon, enter master password and enter 2FA token right away.

Not too sure I am seeing an existing discussion here:

Should I move this feature requests instead?

Hi @arun - the browser extension popup functionality closes when it loses focus, which is something we can’t control.

We do have some requests to persist any entered data when it closes, as well as allow users to edit in a different mode i.e. a new browser tab instead of within the popup.