Way to keep the Bitwarden browser extension "permanently" open when logging in?

I’m finding it impossible to login to the Bitwarden extension because I cannot find a way to keep it open. I have the email and password to get into Bitwarden stored in a KeePass manager. When I open the Bitwarden browser extension it asks for email address. So I switch windows and go to KeePass and copy the email address, which is a an acronym but not the easiest to remember. When I switch back to the browser window, Bitwarden has closed. Same problem after entering email and needing to switch back to retrieve password.

Is there some way to keep the bitwarden window open across window switches? Once logged in, the bitwarden app allows user to prevent window from closing. But I can’t find a way to keep window open prior to login.

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What browser are you using?

In Chrome, Brave, and Vivaldi, you can bookmark the following link, and login there:


Hi, I’m using Chrome browser.

How did you go about producing that bookmark (I realize I potentially could just copy it, but I would like to understand the process). Thanks!

The comment below by @RyanL explains how to get the URLs. Change /lock to /home to get the login page.

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Thanks for sharing this method, but it doesn’t work on a new installation before any login has occurred. Do you know of a way to keep the browser-extension popup open long enough to obtain first login?

I’m not sure I fully understand the problem you are describing, but if you just need a one-time solution for a new installation, why not just manually type the username (first write it down on a piece of paper, if you have to) and have the password ready in your clipboard for pasting?

I’ve got the clipboard set to clear and by the time I get to password, it’s no longer in clipboard.

Doesn’t sound like there a way to keep popup open on initial login. I’ll have to temporarily disable the clipboard clear to get around it. Thanks for your posts.

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