Bitwarden desktop couldn't be started on Windows 7

Hi Folks,

I’ve installed Bitwarden desktop 1.20.1 onto my Windows 7 workstation for 1st time. When I try to run it, I see that the window appear on the skreen for few miliseconds and it closed, so actually it couldn’t be started. I’ve tried to reboot after installation, downloaded portable version of same build - result is the same.

Also I’ve tried to find some logs: searched in Windows event log; ProgramData; profile’s AppData - nothing.

Could you please help me findout root cause of the issue and fix it?
Where the logs are located?
Does application crash before they are created?

Thanks in advance!

Not an answer to your question, but do you really need it?

I’m not aware of it doing anything which cannot be done with other versions, though my knowledge of it is not great.

I have that version on my (Windows 10) computers, but don’t use it very often. The only difference between it and the other versions from a useage point of view is that it does not use U2F for logins, so I have to use an alternative mode on my security key to login.

Yes, David, main reason to use it for me personally is that it has simplier login and works faster than in browser - I feel it to be more convenient