Bitwarden Broken on macOS - keeps requesting password

Using Bitwarden Version 2024.1.0 (18112) on macOS 12.7.2, I get prompted to enter my password every time the application sits idle for a minute or two.

This seems to be a change from earlier versions that simply locked itself after a period of inactivity.

How can I restore the previous behavior? Many thanks.

Can you share your settings for Vault timeout and Vault timeout action.

Thanks for the speedy response. Here are the settings on macOS. What I’d like to happen is:

  • Open the app - log in with password or fingerprint/touch id
  • Use it for a while, then switch away and use other applications for a while
  • (some time later, 5 minutes in the current pref’s), time out and lock
  • I expect Bitwarden to be quiescent until I use it by clicking the Dock, opening it from the Finder, etc.
  • I expect that Bitwarden should never come to the front asking for password/finger ID unbidden

Note: Quitting from Bitwarden causes this behavior to stop

What could I change? What other information could I provide? Many thanks.

PS It just happened again - I attach a screen recording at the end…

[Screen shot redacted by mod.]


Update: I encountered a slightly different behavior just now. I came back to my laptop and the password dialog was showing.

I clicked Cancel many times, but it keeps re-appearing. I also tried typing my password, but it was not accepted, even though I typed it carefully three times.

Finally, I canceled out of the dialog and brought Bitwarden to the front, and then typed my password. This unlocked Bitwarden and stopped the profusion of requests for my password.

Update: There is another report of this behavior, also from 20 Jan 2024 in MacOS App Keeps asking for Password once per minute

Update: Strangely, this behavior (request for password every minute) seems to have stopped for me as of this morning.

I did open the preferences today: I changed the vault timeout to 1 minute (I didn’t notice its previous setting). I don’t think I changed any other preferences.

Looking at the prefs, I see that I don’t see the “Unlock with Touch ID” options anymore. Where did they go? What might have changed? (Hmmm… I am now running 2024.2.0 - was that a listed change?)