Bitwarden An error has occurred. Webassembly support is required for the Argon2 KDF feature

I unfortunately enabled Argon2 on my main Laptop. Now when in Microsoft Edge, I cannot log in to Bitwarden Extension. I get the error: “An error has occurred. Webassembly support is required for the Argon2 KDF feature.”
How can I turn off the Argon2?
This happens in regular and Private mode.

Strange. How did you enable it? Your browser requries argon2/webassembly to be working in order to enable it. I.e if you enabled it in the browser it is now not working on, then somehow webassembly support got disabled between you setting it up and logging in.

Either way, if you want to disable it, you need a device which argon2/webassembly is working on. Either try another browser(chrome/firefox) on the same device, or try the browser on a mobile device (your phone).

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The confusing part of this situation was that I had activated argon2 encryption on the same computer where the problem eventually occurred. This computer had received the latest Windows 10 updates as of August 2023 between the time I enabled the encryption and when the issue arose. Strangely, none of my other computers (I own 5), tablets, or phones experienced any problems.

To resolve the issue, I found that reinstalling the latest version of Edge was the solution. Unfortunately, I’m unsure of the specific version that was installed prior to the problem surfacing. If anyone else encounters a similar problem, I recommend downloading a fresh copy of Microsoft Edge and installing it.