Bitwarden (latest) was working on Firefox until a few days ago

I had no issues with Bitwarden until a couple of days ago when I got the dreaded “This account has two-step login enabled, however none of the configured two-step providers are supported by this web browser. Please use a supported web browser (such as Chrome) and/or add additional providers that are better supported across web browsers (such as an authenticator app).”

My Bitwarden password database is stored on our local server and the browser add-in works perfectly on my notebook. I installed the extension on Chrome as well as on Vivaldi browsers and got the same message. So, this is likely an issue with something on my PC, but as I haven’t installed any new software recently, I am stuck as to what the problem can be.

Can anyone help this newbie?


Do you have a Yubikey or similar plugged in? I’ve seen this error mentioned before and I’m sure it was something to do with that.

Yes. I am using a Yubikey and the notebook has one too. What puzzles me is that everything was working well until Saturday…

Strange, my Yubikey is working fine in Firefox.

Someone else had a similar problem, but with MS Edge:

Does anyone have any suggestions for a solution to my issue?

Anyone? I’m still not able to access my database on my desktop PC.

Sounds like you’ll want to engage our Customer Success team here: - they can help troubleshoot in a more timely fashion.

My suggestion (for the future) would be to also have a 2nd (and perhaps even 3rd) completely different 2FA method for a situation like this. For example take a look at the free version of DUO and/or a tool like Authy for TOTP.

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That’s what I have - TOTP and Yubikey :+1:t2: