Best way to move LastPass to Bitwarden (without direct import)


this question might be a bit specific :slight_smile:

My LastPass premium subscription ended yesterday and I still have quite a few passwords left in there, however I don’t want to blindly just import everything as there are a ton of old and unneeded entries. I also want to change the passwords first before adding them to my actual personal Bitwarden vault so I know exactly which passwords still need to be changed and which ones already are done.

My idea was to create a Bitwarden organization and import my whole LastPass vault there, however as I do have some files assigned to some entries I can’t as the free plan doesn’t come with file storage. If possible I want to avoid paying for a Bitwarden organization on top of my premium subscription.

Is there any better way to import my whole LastPass vault without mixing it with my personal Bitwarden vault?


Why not simply make a folder named LP Imports, and import everything into that folder?

Oh, I didn’t realize the importer can also import into folders, might have been added at some point in the last months? Don’t recall that being there ^^" Probably on me tho.

I’ve read their help page properly now, but it seems that file attachments still won’t get imported. I don’t have many on LastPass from what I remember, but I guess there is no way around other than just manually uploading those afterwards?

The ability to specify a destination folder for imports is a fairly recent feature, I believe.

You are correct about file attachments — you’ll have to upload those manually.

The don’t export either, making backups much more burdensome. Bitwarden does plan to fix this.

Yesterday I migrated an account from to

I did it with a password encrypted json export and import (from both web vaults).

I was surprised to find out [*] that items on my destination vault had the password history from the source vault.

OTOH, metadata information (like item creation and modification dates) was lost.

[*] : contrary to what that How to Create and Store a Backup of Your Bitwarden Vault guide says said.

This must be a recently introduced feature. Thanks for the report!

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@kpiris Thanks for pointing that out, I have informed the team to update the blog post.

Password history was included with the 2023.9-release

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Password history has been exportable since then, but IIRC this information was discarded by the Bitwarden .json importer at the time (until recently).

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Maybe a stupid question but apparently the “encrypted data export” from LastPass does have all the attachements included, would it somehow be possible to implement an Importer for Bitwarden for those files? Not sure how they’re even decrypted tho.