Guide for Lastpass migrants

From some forums I have read I think the latest revelations from Lastpass regarding their recent breach will prompt a lot of users into jumping ship. I am one such. I am finding it tough to work out how to use Bitwarden - the learning curve seems quite steep, I am several hours in, after importing from Lastpass, but still feel unsure what the best workflow is. The obvious choices for migrants is Bitwarden vs 1Password. I would have chosen 1Password for its apparent better usability but I preferred the open source model (and there were a few other points). It would be great if there was a simple guide to getting started and how to do what I was used to doing in Lastpass. Also with an honest description of what is more difficult to achieve (possibly for good reason).

Hey @rustle if you’re not finding what you need in the Help Center, Learning Center, or Bitwarden 101 videos, feel free to drop questions in any of our communities or contact the support team at any time :+1:

With that in mind we are working on update and improving all of our resources, and I think you’ll find the support team and community extremely responsive!

If you need to do a 2nd export from LP then start a new session or you will get duplicates in the LP export file.

Quite a few of us have had this.

Additional info for organization users:

How do I export stored data from LastPass as a generic CSV file? - LastPass Support
You need to be logged in as an administrator in LastPass, and the export will include shared folders from LastPass as well as any personal items you have. Individual users will also follow the same instructions but to migrate their own personal data to their individual Bitwarden Vaults. You may wish to remove any personal items from the CSV before importing. You can then import this data into the Organization as Collections:

Thanks dwbit for your information. My import was fine, I massaged the LP csv export before importing it. It’s just working out how BW works that I’m struggling with. But I’ll check out the resources mentioned, hopefully they will clear up my confusions.

A major difference here in the workflow is how to set up a login for a site you haven’t already captured. In LP you enter the username and password in the site’s login page and LP attempts to read these and offers to save with a message at the top of the page. I spent a lot of time trying to do that in BW, but I gather that the method is different i.e. you create the item in the BW extension first, save it, then have it pasted into the site’s login page. It’s the reverse of what LP does. I think LP’s model is targeted to less techy users whereas you (and I) would prefer the BW method. I’ll have to train my wife to do it this way.

The video “Using the Browser Extension & Mobile App” explains the method, but at a very fast pace - I had to play it more than once and also slow it down.

Most of the learning resources appear to be for teams/enterprise. It would be useful to reorganise these into different sections so beginners / less technical users can be directed to those that are relevant, otherwise if they try to plough through some of the others they will get disheartened and treat it as only a system for experts.

I think bitwarden does too according to this video at about 3:10 (I haven’t tried it myself yet, I won’t migrate fully until Wednesday)

Yes thanks, it does say that. But I just registered for a new account on 2 separate sites (just as an experiment so I won’t follow them up) and it didn’t offer to save the login details for either. Maybe it’s a bug?