Automatic Sync

Good Afternoon,

I apologize in advance if this feature is already available or under consideration. I just started using Bitwarden for about three days, and I don’t have anything bad to say about it. It’s easy to navigate & has many cool features. The only thing that I couldn’t seem to find was “Automatic Sync”, and having to go back and forth to sync my vaults so the newest login can show up is very annoying! If this is already a feature, please let me know how to activate it! Thanks again, and have a good day.

Hi @Champ!

It actually does sync automatically for personal vault items. Organization vault items are synced every 30 minutes or so.

Make sure to allow push notifications on your mobile devices to allow instant sync.

Gotcha! Thanks for the reply, have a good one & stay safe!

I have to say, I have noticed the same issue. I only use a personal vault and on more than one occasion I’ve added a new login using the browser extension and five minutes later gone to the app and found it isn’t there. Doing a manual sync makes it immediately appear.

I had this exact issue last night.

I actually had this issue yesterday with the Online Vault… I changed the password in the browser, then logged into my online vault to check if the Login was no longer on the Exposed Psswords list, and the online vault hadn’t updated yet… I had to wait about 5-10 min for the online vault to update, that was kinda strange usually online vault is instant.

Well, I should say that the sync is engineered to be as instant as possible - any issues with device registration for push, networks, etc. can cause a delay.