Plain HTTPS Sync at custom interval

Greeting Bitwarden team!

I (and some some other users) have experienced issues with Bitwarden’s autosync feature. It works over websockets, and due to various network-related problems can fail to sync. I’d like to suggest the implementation of a “Sync Interval” setting.

I’ve seen existing issue with autosync mentioned in Auto Sync Feature at custom interval - #44 by dh024 but it looks messy and it mostly complains on not working autosync, while I’m asking for a different feature.

This “Sync interval” feature should allow users to have a sync triggered every X minutes, ensuring that their data is up-to-date. Additionally, it would be incredibly helpful to have a clear error message displayed in case of sync failures. (Hi there Clearer error message when vault is out of sync )

I know that we have autosync, but for some people it doesn’t work. It’s “kind off” their fault, since it could be improper self-hosted instance configuration, some firewall rules, router settings, sometimes other network issues. But it’s still a problem

Bitwarden is meant to be stable and resilient, I believe this feature would greatly enhance the overall reliability of Bitwarden. Also, it will save some time for support team and developers since they will not need to response to issues like these:

To summarize, I kindly ask you to add:

  • Sync interval setting which will work over HTTPS
  • Big red tasty error message in case of sync failures.

Many kudos to all of you for such an awesome open source project! Thank you in advance.