How often are browser extensions auto synced?

I’m evaluating Bitwarden and I am curious how often the browser extensions are auto synced?

I added a vault entry on iOS, then checked the Firefox browser extension on a different computer expecting it to show up immediately. 20 minutes later and it still hasn’t shown up in the Firefox extension.

I realize I can manually sync the vault, but most other password managers I’ve tried sync instantly so that’s a usability issue.

According to this page, Sync your Vault | Bitwarden Help & Support it says:

Items owned by you in the web vault will always remain in-sync. Items owned by an Organization will sync across users and client applications every 30 minutes.
Other Bitwarden apps (browser extensions, mobile apps, desktop apps, and CLI) will sync automatically on login, and regularly when unlocked. You can also manually sync your vault to pull changes immediately.

What exactly does “regularly when unlocked” mean?

My Bitwarden clients on my personal account seem to auto-sync within about 30 seconds or so, and rarely longer than that. If you aren’t seeing auto-sync events after 20 minutes, it sounds like it could be a network issue. I seem to recall that others who have experienced similar issues have tried switching networks and the problem went away. Also, some home wifi networks seem to have trouble routing traffic over IPv6, so that might be something to play with as well. I would experiment a bit to see if it is a network issue, and if not, you might contact Bitwarden support to see if they have any ideas.

Upon further testing, this is only happening with the Firefox extension. The Chrome extension is instantly updated. The Firefox extension seems to take 30-50 minutes to update without manually syncing.
Computer is wired so no wifi involved on that end of it, no IPv6 on the local network either.
This isn’t the end of the world, but it’s one of many unpolished aspects of Bitwarden that make me hesitant to switch over.
Thanks for your help!

FireFox is my primary browser, and I haven’t experienced this. But great that you narrowed it down.

If it isn’t a network issue, I wonder if there is another extension interfering with Bitwarden? Seems like a long shot, but it would be easy to test.

Disabling all extensions in Firefox except for Bitwarden did not fix the problem.

I did discover that running Bitwarden in a Private Window allows the extension to update instantly though, which I thought was strange.

My next guess was that I’ve changed some setting on Firefox that is causing the problem. I created a new Firefox profile and only installed Bitwarden. Sure enough, it still won’t sync instantly/automatically.

Any ideas why it seems to work in a Private Window?

Bizarre. You have me stumped. I suggest you contact Bitwarden support to see if they have any ideas!

Does manually syncing the vault work?

Yes, manually syncing works.