Autofill problem with

Autofill seems to work correctly but when credentials are submitted the username is empty. Same behavior in Chrome and Edge. Works if I manually copy or enter the username before submitting.

Site will not accept username unless it obfuscates some of the name before submitting (ie, MyUser2000 becomes My*******00) - it appears site is not accepting Bitwarden’s paste of username.

Are you able to share a link to the site? If not, have a look and see what the username field is called - it may be fixable using a custom field in BW.

I’ve played around a bit with the site, but I’m limited in the testing I can do, as I do not have an account there.

I do get the username field to auto-fill with the username from the Bitwarden login item (as usual, with no custom fields defined), so I’m not sure why you are saying the username is “empty”. One potential issue is that the username is not obscured when autofilled (and perhaps this is required for a successful login); however, I was able to obscure the username by clicking once in the username field after it has been autofilled, and then clicking once in the password field.

Another adjustment that could be tried is to add a custom linked field to the login item, with the name unmaskedUsername (and linked to Username).

Thanks @grb for suggesting a custom field, I’ll need to readup how to implement your suggestion.

If you create a BitWarden entry with fake credentials but don’t hit submit, you should see the username field cleared when you select it again after BitWarden completes the auto-fill.

Since the auto-fill doesn’t trigger the browser scripts that partially hide the username, when I hit submit it clears the username field since nothing was entered.

BitWarden also can’t copy my username into the username field, but if I manually enter my username then the auto-filled form is accepted and the login form works. Or if I manually enter my username, run auto-fill, then press enter - the form works without obfuscating the username (how strange)

I cannot reproduce this. If I autofill and then click in the username field, I see this:


If I then click in the password field, the username field is obscured:


The above is with the standard configuration for the vault item — i.e., no custom fields or other workarounds. If you want to learn about custom fields, this is the relevant section of the Bitwarden documentation:

I am also able to copy and paste directly into the username and password fields. My tests were done using Chrome on Windows 10.